Biden White House: ‘Today, unemployment claims hit their lowest level since 1969
Joe Biden (Shutterstock)

Democratic elected officials from the President on down are frequently criticized by their own voters for not touting their accomplishments enough. On Thursday as he attends an emergency meeting of the leaders of the G7 and NATO in Brussels to discuss Russia's illegal war on Ukraine, President Joe Biden issued a statement on today's historic drop in unemployment.

"This morning, we received news that the number of Americans on unemployment insurance fell to its lowest level since 1970 and the number of Americans filing new claims fell to its lowest one-week level since 1969," President Biden said in the statement from the White House Press Office. "Americans are getting back to work at a historic pace, with fewer Americans on unemployment insurance today than at any time in the last half century."

"This historic progress is no accident: it’s the result of an economic strategy to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle out, starting with the American Rescue Plan," the President's statement adds. "And, it’s the result of effective management of emergency pandemic resources that resulted in 75% of adult Americans vaccinated and 99% of schools re-opened."

"We have more work to do to cut costs for families, but today’s data are a reminder that the U.S. economy is uniquely well positioned to deal with the global challenge of inflation. We will continue the fight to lower costs with every tool at our disposal, from making more here in America and rebuilding our supply chains, to lowering costs that have held back Americans for decades, to promoting competition to ensure markets can operate effectively and consumers are protected."

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain touted the numbers on Twitter. Some responses: