Caitlyn Jenner says she supports Texas abortion ban and Ron DeSantis, but trashes ‘illegals’ in CNN interview
Cnn Interview with Caitlyn Jenner (Screen Grab)

California Republican gubernatorial recall candidate Caitlyn Jenner says she supports a woman's right to choose – but also supports the right of Texas to ban abortion. She opposes the leading Republican in the recall race, Larry Elder, but says she doesn't "know" if his alleged domestic abuse is disqualifying. And she stands by her assessment that Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis is doing a good job on the coronavirus pandemic despite his state leading the country in per-capita deaths.

When pressed, Jenner said "overall, as things change, when the pandemic came out he did a good job," saying DeSantis did a good job by "waiting" to respond to the pandemic.

She refused to answer when asked if DeSantis is now doing a good job on the pandemic, instead claiming, "to be honest with you I've been so into California politics that I really haven't followed it that closely."

All this from a wide-ranging CNN interview during which Jenner didn't display a grasp of the issues but did display ignorance on many levels, like saying she had visited the southern border and watched as four "illegals" from Brazil walked into the United States and turned themselves in to authorities, which is standard procedure for those seeking asylum.

Jenner, who is polling at just 1%, says she thinks she's in a good position.