'Do your job!' Eric Swalwell smacks down Republican congressmembers 'living in fear'
Eric Swalwell (Screengrab)

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) excoriated his fellow Republicans being pressured by the White House to not vote to impeach the President, and who say they are getting death threats from Trump supporters.

"Do your job," the California Congressman demanded, reminding them that the Capitol police who protected them just one week ago did theirs.

"I've read many of my GOP colleagues know what the president did was wrong, but are afraid for their lives if they cross the president," Swalwell said, reminding them that Trump "incited thousands of radical terrorists to attack the Capitol to stop a transition of power."

"This president has inspired future plots. America is still under attack," he told them. "That's why Donald Trump must be impeached."

"We have all seen the images of the courageous officers who risked their lives so that you could flee the floor and see your families."

"I'm sorry you're living in fear, but now is the time to summon your courage."

"I'm not asking you to summon the courage that they did, I'm just asking you to do your job."