'Cancun' Ted Cruz brutally mocked after attacking California's Gavin Newsom: 'No shame at all'
US Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "Review of the FY2023 State Department Budget Request," in Washington, DC, on April 26, 2022. (Al Drago / AFP / POOL)

During California’s early September heatwave, Gov. Gavin Newsom has been urging residents of the Golden State to save electricity — warning that the state’s power grid could reach the breaking point. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas responded by attacking Newsom during a Wednesday night, September 7 appearance on Fox News, and the far-right GOP senator’s comments have been followed by a great deal of mockery and ridicule on Twitter.

Cruz, lambasting “California environmentalist billionaires,” told Fox News host Jesse Watters, “I love that Gavin Newsom was wearing his fleece, obviously in cool air conditioning, saying: let them eat cake, let them sweat, you don't get air conditioning. It's like John Kerry, who flies his private jet all over the planet lecturing people that you poor gritty working class with dirt under your fingernails, you need to go without an automobile. You need to turn your air conditioner off. In fact, you need to just stay home and eat worms.”

Many Twitter users, in response to that interview, were quick to point out that “Cancun Cruz” headed for Cancun, Mexico during Texas’ energy crisis of February 2021 — which found millions of Texans losing heat and electricity during a harsh winter cold snap. Some Texans literally froze to death in their homes. And a recurring theme on Twitter is that at least Newsom, unlike Cruz, hasn’t abandoned his state during a crisis.

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Journalist John Haltiwanger tweeted, “Ted Cruz flew to Cancun as millions of his constituents dealt with deadly power outages and freezing temperatures linked to a severe winter storm.” And Sportswriter Michael Schwab posted, “I'm old enough to remember when Cruz fled Texas for Cancun during a deadly freeze.” Similarly, security researcher Amit Serper attacked Cruz as “the man who fled to Cancun when the separatist grid in his state failed,” adding, “Ted Cruz is such a loser.”

Mocking Cruz, television writer Rick G. Rosner tweeted, “Ooh, someone has air conditioning!” and went on to note that “ultra-douche Ted Cruz ran away, left his dog in a freezing house” during the February 2021 crisis.

Podcast host Ryan Phillips posted, “If there's one person on the planet who shouldn't be talking about this, it's Ted Cruz.” And writer Tara Dublin mocked Cruz as “Senator Cancun Wheelie Bag,” posting video of Cruz in a Texas airport on his way to Cancun during the February 2021 crisis.

Twitter user Cheryl Brown wrote, “The next time TX has an emergency, Cruz will be on the first plane to Mexico.” And Tim Fullerton, a former Barack Obama staffer, posted, “Ted Cruz has absolutely no shame at all. None.”

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