Capitol rioter who shattered Capitol window and spit on cops pleads guilty
(DOJ Photo)

A Pennsylvania man who used a baseball bat to shatter a Capitol window and who assaulted and spit on police officers during the January 6 riot has pleaded guilty to a wide range of felonies, the Department of Justice reported today.

Jordan Robert Mink, 29, of Oakdale, Pennsylvania, pleaded to the felony charge of “assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon” as well as theft of government property, and aiding and abetting. A copy of the plea agreement was not immediately available.

“Mink used a baseball bat to shatter a window in the Capitol Building, entered the building through that broken window, and started removing property including chairs,” DOJ reported. “He handed the property to individuals in the crowd on the exterior of the building.

“Other individuals can be seen handing out property such as a lamp and drawers through the same window after it was shattered by Mink. Mink was also seen striking an adjacent window repeatedly with a baseball bat, in an apparent attempt to shatter it.

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“In video surveillance, Mink is seen engaging in assaultive conduct, spitting at officers guarding one of the doors and then throwing several objects at them – including a traffic cone, a large rectangular-shaped object (possibly a step or drawer), and a stick. Mink then appears armed with a long pole, which he uses to violently and repeatedly strike at the officers at the entrance, hitting their shields at least five times.”

After the 2020 election Mink had posted a photo of himself showing himself holding a firearm with an “I voted” sticker,” the FBI alleged, noting, “The commentary to the post reads, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet – Abraham Lincoln. “Well … my magazines will be fully loaded just in case it’s not.”

A sentencing hearing is scheduled April 11.

You can read the FBI charging document here.