CDC: No restrictions needed for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, panel advises US resume use
Vials of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine in an illustration photo taken October 31, 2020. © Dado Ruvic, Reuters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention late Friday afternoon announced a CDC panel has determined no restrictions are necessary on the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, and advised use of the vaccine be resumed. CDC halted use of the vaccine temporarily amid reports of six cases of blood clots in women 18 to 48 years old.

"The recommendation, which was adopted 10-4 with one abstention, by the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, will pave the way for U.S. regulators to lift their recommended pause on using the J&J shot as early as this weekend," CNBC reports. "The single shot is a critical tool in getting lifesaving vaccines to hard-to-reach places that may not have reliable refrigeration, such as tribal lands, poorer neighborhoods and rural communities, as well as to people who may not be able to come back for a second dose, U.S. health officials say."

The rate of vaccination in the U.S. dropped dramatically over the past week, by 11%, as health care experts work to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Anti-science groups on Facebook, and lawmakers like Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) are being blamed for extending the pandemic and allowing the coronavirus time to mutate.

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