‘They don’t care’: Republicans blasted for refusing to applaud for cutting child poverty in half

In his Joint Address to Congress Wednesday night President Joe Biden worked to sell his vision for the future and for America.

Republicans refused to offer support.

Unlike years past, for Joint Addresses or State of the Union Addresses, this was a socially-distanced affair, with just 200 people in the chamber that can hold 535 lawmakers and their guests. So it was exceptionally easy to see the Republicans who did their best to defeat Biden's goals and thwart his achievements as he shared them with the nation.

Biden mentioned children more than 20 times in his address. Republicans couldn't have cared less. When he talked about child poverty, they sat, refusing to stand or applaud.

Biden announced, "thanks to the American Rescue Plan, we are on track to cut child poverty in America in half this year."

Republicans sat, stonefaced.

Their refusal to offer any support for children did not go unnoticed.