Conspiracy theorists setting up their own dating sites
Group of women in Trump merchandise waving QAnon Flag during a pro-Trump rally

Conspiracy theorists are setting up their own dating sites to avoid contact with vaccinated people and others with more realistic viewpoints.

The website, whose name references a disparaging German word for conspiratorial gibberish, was set up last month and claims to have gained 1,500 users already, matches up singles with outside-the-mainstream viewpoints about politics and the pandemic, reported Vice News.

“You wouldn't understand each other [when] you look at the world so differently,” said site founder Michael "Captain Future" Bründel, adding that vaccinated people pose a danger to the unvaccinated. “I'm a lateral thinker and I'm not vaccinated. Shedding is real, so vaccinated people are hardly an option."

New users are asked to provide their viewpoints on COVID-19, QAnon, New World Order and prepper ideology, as well as disclose whether they have been vaccinated or boosted, and to describe where they get their information about current events and reveal what changes they believe the world will undergo in the coming two decades.

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[The pandemic split society] “into two camps: those who basically trust the mainstream media and politicians, and those who use alternative media and see and evaluate many things very differently," Bründel said. “The different opinions on corona have broken many old friendships and relationships, but often also created new ones."

Another dating site registered in Switzerland is aimed at anti-vaxxers, but conspiracy theorists have increasingly separated themselves from the mainstream on social media apps such as Telegram and others that cater to fringe viewpoints -- but Bründel believes viewpoints like his own will soon be vindicated.

“Lateral thinkers will soon be mainstream, I think -- we're on our way there,” Bründel said. “But the problem is, of course, that no one wants to admit they were wrong. The division will be over when the truth is mainstream and those responsible [for the pandemic] have been brought to justice.”