WATCH: Donald Trump Jr. met with awkward silence after he mocks Texas at CPAC Dallas
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Donald Trump Jr. on Friday was met with awkward silence after he mocked the state of Texas while delivering a speech at CPAC Dallas.

The former twice-impeached president's eldest son began by paying tribute to Texas by saying the state has "always led the charge," before he hedged and said that things had changed "a couple of months ago" when "Austin took over."

At this point an audience member yelled something at Trump Jr., who defensively replied that Texas is "still a top 25" state in America.

"But we've got to work on that stuff because those people have lost their minds," Trump Jr. added.

After this statement was greeted with three seconds of awkward silence, Trump Jr. asked the audience, "Right?"

This was greeted by still more silence.

Watch the video below.