David Cay Johnston Blogs the Pandemic

Here's the 71-word oath that could save American democracy

Now that Donald Trump dispatched the American military to stop a peaceful protest against police killings of black men and declared he will do the same nation-wide, a little-known fact about our military looms large.

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Coronavirus outbreak begins to impact travel on America’s highways

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 is starting to affect travel on America’s highways. Access to roadside rest stops and sudden elimination of cash tolls are among the issues we found by surveying major toll road authorities.

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US government is shutting down immigration courts

Citing coronavirus threats, the U.S. government has canceled all deportation hearings for immigrants not in detention after immigration judges and government prosecutors complained busy courts were putting them at risk of infection. This follows announcement that the Customs and Border authorities are pushing new asylum seekers back into Mexico – and now Canada – to forestall disease spread from migrants. As such, these moves happen to fit nicely into Trump administration policies aimed at halting immigration of all sort.

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This simple graphic perfectly explains how the coronavirus works on your body

Just how does COVID-19 infect your body? A superb color graphic explaining the process is available free from the Science Times section of the March 17 New York Times.

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