'Derogatory and hurtful': Texas teachers placed on administrative leave after racist language used on test

Three teachers employed with the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District (CFBISD) in Texas have been placed on administrative leave as the school investigates allegedly inappropriate language on a social studies test.

According to KHOU, the issue stems from a question on a social studies test. The question read, "Which one of these Chinese NORMS is TRUE?"

The answer choices included: "A.) It is normal in China to cut off someone's lips if they burp at a restaurant. B.) It is normal in parts of China to give children fifty lashes by a cane if they steal a piece of candy. C.) It is normal in parts of China to eat cats and dogs."

The controversial question caught the attention of the older sibling of a sixth-grader. At the time, the child, who attends Blalack Middle School, was taking a test virtually. During a news interview, Joy Lim, who is Korean and also attended a school in the CFBISD, explained how she noticed the question. "I looked over my sister's shoulder and I saw this question that just blew me away," Lim said.

Lim also noted that her younger sister was uncomfortable with the question. So, they captured a photo of the screen to document the question. "I don't understand who thought this was okay," said Lim. "If these teachers were Asian American teachers, that question would not have been on the quiz."

With the uptick in anti-Asian rhetoric, discrimination, and violence toward Asian-Americans, Lim found the question highly inappropriate and particularly disturbing. She also finds it disheartening that her sister has had to experience discrimination at her young age. However, she did note that there is one silver lining. "I'm just glad that I was home to catch it," Lim said.

On Wednesday, March 31, the school district released a statement to address the incident and admitted that the question is "derogatory and hurtful."

The district also noted its intent to incorporate more training opportunities to improve its schools' academic environment. The statement read, "The district will enhance these training opportunities in an effort to create a more inclusive and respectful environment."