DeSantis finally schedules special elections in Democratic strongholds

This Wednesday, Florida's GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis scheduled special elections for three South Florida legislative seats that are being vacated this January, the Miami Herald reports. The move comes after he was sued for not taking action for months.

The three districts are Democratic strongholds.

"The district vacancies, which will become effective in January, were created in July when Sen. Perry Thurston and Reps. Bobby DuBose and Omari Hardy, all Black Democrats, resigned to qualify to fill Florida's 20th Congressional District vacancy left by the death of Congressman Alcee Hastings," the Herald reports. "The governor's executive order set the primary date for the three legislative seats for Jan. 11 and the general election for March 8. This means Democrats, who are in the minority in the Florida Legislature, will have fewer members in each chamber for the 60-day legislative session next year, which starts Jan. 11 and ends March 11."

It took DeSantis 87 days to schedule the elections after the vacancies popped up. According to the lawsuit, this is the second time DeSantis has been sued to call a special elections.

"The strength of any democracy is the ability for voters to be represented and heard," said Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, according to Florida Politics. "Sadly, the Governor has chosen to deny voters in Senate District 33 and House Districts 88 and 94 their constitutional right to be represented in Tallahassee during the 2022 Legislative Session. No Floridian's vote or voice should ever be silenced."

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