DeSantis turns ‘Citrus Bowl’ stadium into site offering COVID antibody treatment – but no vaccines
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, overseeing the worst COVID performance of any state currently, on Monday announced he is turning an 85-year old sports stadium that can seat as many as 65,000 people into a site offering COVID-19 antibody treatment for up to 320 people per day.

Orlando's Camping World Stadium, which has been called the Tangerine Bowl and the Florida Citrus Bowl, will provide space for the treatments – but none for vaccines. In fact, there are no mass vaccination sites currently operating in the Sunshine State, according to the Orlando Sentinel, which says the Florida Republican governor's speech Monday "downplays vaccine effectiveness."

DeSantis actually declared Florida's "entire vulnerable population has basically been vaccinated," which is false. Everyone is vulnerable to the coronavirus, especially the delta variant, which is also skyrocketing hospitalizations even among children.

“So yeah, they're vaccinated. That's great," DeSantis said Monday of the elderly population. "That was the right thing to do. I do think it reduced for at least a few months the number of infections in nursing homes. But it's not just Florida, you're seeing now more people are testing positive. So then what do you do?"

The percentage of those who are vaccinated, contract COVID, and are hospitalized are miniscule.

Nearly 50,000 new COVID cases were report Friday in Florida, more than twice the seven-day average.

DeSantis was thoroughly mocked and highly criticized for his approach, focusing on the antibody treatment instead of promoting vaccines.

AARP has published a list of how to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida.