First Lady Jill Biden trumps Melania Trump with back-of-jacket message
Jill Biden (Shutterstock)

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, traveling with the President on their first European trip on Thursday in the UK decided to use fashion to spread her message.

On the back of her coat, as Bloomberg News' Jennifer Jacobs reports, is one simple word: LOVE.

CNN's Kate Bennett has a close up of the elegant fashion – and life – statement:

If back-of-the-jacket fashion messages are any indication of a First Lady's guiding principles, Dr. Biden's would appear to trump her predecessor's.

Americans, indeed, many around the world were stunned when First Lady Melania Trump wore a jacket on a trip with a very different message on the back: "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" it said.

It inspired countless memes, including this one:

The Associated Press' Jonathan Lemire suggests Dr. Biden is intentionally trolling Melania Trump.

We may never know.


NBC's Peter Alexander gets the quote from the First Lady explaining her message.