Former federal prosecutor calls for criminal insider trading investigation into Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul (screenshot)

A former Southern District of New York federal prosecutor is calling for U.S. Senator Rand Paul to be investigated for insider trading.

The Kentucky Republican disclosed his wife purchased the stock of a major drug manufacturer that went on market a COVID-19 antiviral drug after he had received a closed-door briefing on the novel coronavirus before the general public was aware of the impending pandemic. Senator Paul, who frequently promotes himself as a medical doctor, made the disclosure 16 months late, violating a law designed to prevent insider trading.

"This warrants an investigation, including whether Paul's wife was simply a pass-through for him," says Daniel Goldman, who served for a decade as an Assistant U.S. Attorney under Preet Bharara, and prosecuted mafia crime family mobsters and insider trading cases. He also assisted House Democrats during both impeachments of President Donald Trump.

"Delayed disclosure can be powerful evidence of consciousness of guilt. I hope SDNY gets this investigation because that office is the most experienced with insider trading cases," Goldman noted.