Fox hosts triggered by Whole Foods choosing not to sell lobsters and protect the last 340 of a rare whale

Whole Foods has recently decided not to sell lobster from Maine after two sustainability organizations threatened to withdraw their endorsements of the U.S. lobster fishing industry.

Marine Stewardship Council and Seafood Watch are concerned about the impact the fishing gear is having on the rare North Atlantic right whales. There are only 340 of that species of whales left in the world. Whole Foods said that they are monitoring the situation and “committed to working with suppliers, fisheries, and environmental advocacy groups as it develops.”

The Fox network, however, is furious that they can no longer buy their lobster at Whole Foods.

One of the hosts said that he didn't care about lobsters because he is a "carnivore."

The host noted that it's never happened that one of the whales has been killed as a result of lobster fishing in Maine. Because it's nothing more than a "risk," she said that she didn't understand why it mattered. Others will likely sell the Maine lobsters and Caribbean lobsters are still an option as well.

In fact, the New England Aquarium was able to observe a female North Atlantic right whale tangled in fishing lines.

The same aquarium also explained that due to climate change, the whales are moving to different areas in migration, which is why it has become a new problem. They are looking for solutions, a Canadian report explained.

Still, the fact that the Fox host couldn't get them at Whole Foods seemed to be her biggest concern.

"Ugg, I'll take the risk," sneered Sunday stand-in host Lisa Booth.

"HelloFresh, the meal kit company, was among numerous retailers to pledge to stop selling lobster in September after California-based Seafood Watch placed American and Canadian lobster fisheries on its 'red list' of seafoods to avoid," reported the AP.

See the video below:

Lobster freakout