Fox News says Biden is 'anti-vaxxer' -- and that Trump was 'ahead of the science' and pro-mask

Co-hosts on Fox News' "The Five" on Monday say President Joe Biden is an anti-vaxxer while then-President Donald Trump was "ahead of the science" and supported mask-wearing.

Both claims are provably false.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld told Fox News viewers that President Joe Biden is "definitely" doing more harm than President Donald Trump by sometimes wearing a mask in situations the CDC says is not necessary, like outdoors while being socially distant.

"Donald Trump was following the science," on masks, Gutfeld lied, "and in fact was one step ahead of the science in a number of ways including the vaccine rollout," which is also false. There was not actual plan to get shots into arms when the Biden administration took over in January.

"So let's dispel that lie once and for all that Trump like ran away from masks," Gutfeld insisted, re-writing history, suggesting Trump was in support of masks because he "went further than most people when it came to shutting down the economy, his economy, I might add that he was doing pretty great at the time."

Trump actually fought shutting down the economy, then insisted it fully re-open for Easter, 2020, with massive numbers flooding churches. He spent much of the rest of the year demanding the economy fully re-open, despite the science. He also held several super-spreader events.

Gutfeld suggested that Biden "should just roll himself up in bubble wrap and then travel around in a fully encapsulated popemobile because you know what, it's pretty clear, he doesn't trust the vaccine. He didn't trust the vaccine when it came out, he said, 'Look, I you know it's Trump's vaccine.' And now he's giving this message to people that they shouldn't get the vaccine," Gutfeld also falsely claimed. Biden's inoculation rollout has been spectacular, with 105 million Americans (32%) fully vaccinated.

He went on to call it "a dangerous, dangerous message he's sending."

Minutes later on the same show co-host Jesse Watters said Biden "is an anti-vaxxer."