Fox News host praises disgraced CEO for mass firing of 900 employees: 'I loved this so much'

Vishal Garg, CEO of the online mortgage company, is now admitting that he handled things badly during a mass firing on Wednesday, December 1. That day, during a Zoom call, Garg brought around 900 employees together online and announced that all of them were being fired — a move he now admits has “embarrassed” the company. But Fox News’ Emily Compagno is not only defending Garg — she is outright praising him for the mass firing.

During a December 8 broadcast of “Outnumbered” — which features mostly or entirely female panels and is often described as a right-wing version of “The View” — Compagno insisted that Garg had nothing to apologize for. The attorney told others on the panel, “I loved this, actually. I loved this so much…. So, for me, good riddance. And I feel bad that he’s now having to capitulate to the other execs at this company and apologize for it. Sorry guys, bye!”

Compagno, who is never shy about making over-the-top comments to drive ratings, added, “For all of them, they’re snowflakes. They’re probably Millennials and Zs. They need to learn a work ethic.”

But even fellow members of the right-wing “Outnumbered” panel disagreed with Compagno’s strident defense of Garg, including host Harris Faulkner, libertarian/conservative Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (the former MTV veejay known for hosting “Kennedy” on Fox Business), “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade (the panel’s lone male) and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. Words like “classless” and “embarrassment” were used by the other “Outnumbered” panelists.

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