Fox News slammed for whitewashing Georgia spa shooter as “‘remorseful’ sex addict?'”

The front page of Fox News' website Thursday offered a graphic for its story about the 21-year old Georgia man who has been charged with shooting to death eight people, including seven women, six of whom are Asian American. The graphic's headline reads "'Remorseful' Sex Addict?"

"Atlanta suspect had rehab, felt 'shame ' over addiction, ex-roommates say," the sub-head reads.

The title has changed multiple times. On the Fox News homepage it now reads: "Ex-roommates of Atlanta massacre suspect says he attended rehab for sex addiction, felt extreme guilt." The article itself says: "Atlanta shooting suspect attended rehab for sex addiction, felt 'remorse and shame,' former roommates say."

Here's how it appeared on the Fox News front page at 3:54 PM:

Those who are supporting Robert Aaron Long and insisting his supposed "addiction" made him do it likely don't understand growing up in some Christian evangelical homes, according to Religion Dispatches' Chrissy Stroop.

Online outrage over Fox News protecting the white killer of mostly Asian women, was palpable.