Americans told not to 'fill plastic bags with gasoline' after Russian hack of US pipeline
A man pumps gas/Screenshot

As Americans across parts of the Southeastern United States see panic-driven, temporary gasoline shortages because of last week's Russian ransomware hack of a critical U.S. pipeline, the federal government is apparently growing concerned with anecdotal reports and posts on social media. On Wednesday the federal government was forced to warn Americans to not use plastic bags to stock up on gasoline.

"Use only containers approved for fuel," the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an independent agency of the federal government, told Americans.

Snopes on Wednesday debunked two social media posts that claimed Americans are currently using plastic bags to transport gas.

"Both of these images are several years old, and one was taken outside of the United States," the fact checking website noted.

"Follow the gas canister manufacturer instructions for storing and transporting gasoline," the USCPSC is also saying. "When using a gas canister, never pour gasoline over or near an open flame."

"NEVER pour flammable liquids from a container over an exposed flame."

"When people get desperate they stop thinking clearly."

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was also forced to deliver a similar message today: