'Hanging his own clients': George Conway buries Oath Keepers' attorney over train wreck CNN interview
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Friday, conservative attorney George Conway tore into the legal defense of Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers leader charged with seditious conspiracy for his alleged role in the effort to violently overturn the 2020 presidential election.

"We should note Stewart Rhodes entered a not guilty plea in court," said anchor Jake Tapper. "I want to play part of the defense from Rhodes that came from his attorney who spoke to CNN today. Take a listen."

He then played a clip of attorney Jon Moseley telling CNN earlier on Friday that his clients had a "somewhat fanciful idea they thought the president was going to call them up under the Insurrection Act, which I don't understand but they were fixated on — the idea that Trump was going to activate them as a militia under the Insurrection Act."

"What do you make of that defense, George?" asked Tapper.

"He's hanging his own clients with the rope that he's dangling," said Conway. "He's basically saying, they were there with the idea — conspiring to use force, because there's no legal way that Donald Trump could have authorized them to use force on behalf of himself in order to maintain power legally. So it's just, I mean — the fact that he's, you know, he's admitting what's the core element of the indictment, which is that these guys were stashing weapons away in a motel in Ballston, right across the river from Washington, and had a quick reaction force, a fake military jargon to bring these people across the river and to commit violence. It was a conspiracy to do — to commit sedition by force, which is exactly what the statute prohibits."

Watch below:

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