'I don't believe you': Georgia senators face backlash after claiming to support $2K stimulus checks
Appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler (Photo: Screen capture)

Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue (R-GA) are facing tough reelection battles — made even tougher last week President Donald Trump demanded Congress increase individual stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000.

When Loeffler announced her support of $2,000 stimulus checks during an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday, Dec. 29, Twitter users quickly chimed in to criticize the Republican senator.

During the interview, Loeffler said, "I've stood by the president 100% of the time. I'm proud to do that and I've said, absolutely, we need to get relief to Americans now and I will support that."

Shortly after her appearance, Perdue tweeted his support of increased checks saying, "President [Donald Trump] is right — I support this push for $2,000 in direct relief for the American people."

Their responses were not missed by Twitter users. One Twitter user criticized Loeffler's need to have approval from Trump before standing for what is right. "Pretty sure Rev Warnock didn't need someone's approval to support doing the right thing. Vote Loeffler out, Georgia!" that Twitter user said.

Other Twitter users also noted that Perdue opposed $600 stimulus checks less than one week ago.

These are the same two senators who found themselves at the center of controversy for voting to lower the amount of funding for hospitals amid the pandemic. Just weeks before the United States shut down due to the pandemic, the two were also accused of dumping off stock.

Back in July, Loeffler and Perdue were among the Senate Republicans that refused to even negotiate another stimulus package as unemployment benefits expired. Now, after supporting about the relief bill which included the $600 direct payments President Donald Trump described as a "disgrace," both senators have jumped ship and are now expressing support for the $2,000 stimulus checks.