‘I don’t even think Trump did that’: Youngkin under fire after campaign cyberbullies high school student over a tweet

A verified social media account for Glenn Youngkin‘s campaign “team” has attacked a high school student who posted a tweet critical of the Virginia Republican Governor.

Ethan Lynne appears to be a politically-active high school senior whose bio says he is a Democrat. Pinned to the top of his page is a 2020 tweet with a photo of him and Dr. Jill Biden, now the First Lady.

On Saturday he posted a tweet, then linked to an NPR report supporting his claim.

“The historian tasked with teaching about slavery at the Virginia Governors Mansion just resigned after finding the Youngkins converted her classroom into a family room – and emptied her office. Shameful,” Lynne tweeted.

Youngkin’s “team” attacked the teen, posting a photo of him with Youngkin’s predecessor, Ralph Northam, while digging up the Democratic Governor’s blackface scandal.

All Lynne did was tweet what NPR had reported, and called it “shameful.”

NPR later updated their story to say Youngkin’s spokesperson is “noting that the space is not used for that purpose.”

Lynne even tweeted out the reporter’s correction:

The Team Youngkin account later retweeted its own tweet attacking Lynne.

Outrage against Youngkin and his team has come from lawmakers, university professors, journalists, and many others: