GOP lawmaker leaves people baffled with his opinion of drug seizures
Twitter/screen grab

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) left Twitter users baffled when he shared his opinion on drug seizures at the United States / Mexican border.

On September 26, the Republican lawmaker took to Twitter to share his perspective.

"Since Joe Biden took office -- 1.2 MILLION POUNDS of illegal drugs have been seized at our southern border," the Texas lawmaker tweeted. "If you needed more evidence that this Administration's border policies are contributing to a surging drug crisis -- look no further."

Twitter users quickly weighed in as they were unclear about the point Fallon was hoping to make. Many users also made attempts to interpret Fallon's post to understand what he was actually trying to say.

"I read this 3 times and still confused. Is he saying stopping drugs at the border is a bad thing?" one Twitter user asked.

Another user also expressed similar concerns. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand," another user tweeted. "This administration is, by your own admission, seizing over one million pounds of illegal drugs at the border. That seems like this Administration's border policies are MITIGATING a surging drug crisis. Please explain it to me like I'm 5."

"So you don’t approve of seizing drugs at the border?" one user asked. "Is that the border policy you object to?"

Another user actually explained to Fallon that border patrol agents were actually doing their job. "That means they stopped the drugs from coming across the border," the Twitter user explained. "You understand that means they’re doing their job right? or do your ears whistle on a windy day?"