'I would also look sad': Twitter roasts Ben Stein for racist rant saying Black people 'never had it so good'
Ben Stein (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Republican actor and commentator, Ben Stein, recently went on a rant suggesting if he were a "colored" person, he would realize he has "every opportunity" to achieve a "good life."

Ron Filipkowski shared the clip of the longtime conservative via Twitter, saying, "Ben Stein says black people should stop complaining because they've never had it so good: 'When I was a child … we would drive by the neighborhoods .. almost all black people .. and they looked so raggedy and sad, and their neighborhoods were so run down and miserable.'"

Stein went on to say, "If I were — as we called them then — a 'colored person,' I'd want to kill myself."

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"Now, ladies and gentlemen" he said. "If I woke up as a Black person I would think, I have every opportunity to go to a really good school. I have every opportunity to live in a really good neighborhood. I have every opportunity to get a really good job. The whole system is now set up so I, as a Black America, can have every chance at a good life."

He concluded, "that is unbelievable progress," which is "never discussed in the media."

Twitter lambasted the conservative for his remarks — some comparing the rant to cartoonist Scott Adams' recent racist monologue, in which he said, "I don’t think it makes any sense as a white citizen of America to try to help Black citizens anymore."

@ToutSuiteSinner: "I mean, whoa. Is he competing with #ScottAdams to be the most deplorable #racist? Because, really, all racists are deplorable. Please stop competing to be the absolute worst."

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@AuntBunny73: "I had no idea Ben Stein was still alive?"

@ShokXoneStudios: "This predictably idiotic statement from Ben Stein is basically telling somebody dying a snakebite to be thankful they weren't eaten by a shark."

@BearlyDoug: ".@BenStein1944 continues his path of being a washed-up has-been who is completely out of touch with actual reality, while sitting up in his lily-white ivory tower, sucking down whatever privilege he can grab with his decrepit claws of hands."

@Canadafellow: "Jesus. This sums it up though. White conservatives think black people have it good enough now, so stop complaining."

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@richyrich323: "Pull the plug."

@thejournalista: "Ben Stein is a racist. Stella Parton is a racist. Scott Adams is a racist."

@thatpetewoods: "'You shouldn’t be asking for things to be better because it used to be worse' is a pretty disgusting argument."

@gregmethod: "In all fairness, I would also look sad if Ben Stein was in my neighborhood."

Watch the video below or ask this link.

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