Internet slams ‘homicidal sociopath’ DeSantis as FL Gov. lashes out over questions about kids in COVID ICU
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is waging the opposite of a charm offensive, lashing out at reporters and even President Joe Biden any time questions are asked about the coronavirus pandemic. Media reports have made clear the Sunshine State is suffering huge increases in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, even among children, and deaths.

On Tuesday Florida had nearly 51,000 new coronavirus cases, The New York Times reports, which was more than one-third of all new cases across the country reported for that day, and a whopping increase from the already high seven-day average of nearly 18,000 cases per day. Those 18,000 cases represent a huge 700% increase from just one month ago.

DeSantis has banned any mask mandates and warned school districts he will withhold funds if they try to implement masks.

DeSantis, The Hill reports, "on Tuesday knocked a reporter who asked a question regarding if mask mandates would have helped seven kids who are in the ICU for the coronavirus."

The Florida governor quickly turned the question onto the reporter, making them out to be a villain. DeSantis falsely claimed they were blaming the children, when if fact they were blaming the governor for his coronavirus mask ban.

“You're blaming the kids, saying they weren't wearing masks so they're in the ICU. With all due respect, I find that deplorable to blame a victim who ends up being hospitalized," DeSantis said. "Somebody can contract a highly transmissible airborne virus and they're viewed as having done something wrong. That's just not the way you do it."

Experts generally agree unless they are N95 masks, masks protect others from the wearer, not, as DeSantis claimed, vice versa.

DeSantis is also slamming President Biden, but the White House is fighting back with facts:

On social media DeSantis is getting scorched.