Jen Psaki masterfully schools Peter Doocy: ‘Happy to have you as a partner in this effort’
Jen Psaki and Peter Doocy (Screen Grab)

As Democratic members of Congress and President Joe Biden are working to extend the eviction moratorium enacted to help Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News' Peter Doocy went to bat, too – for landlords.

"There's been a major push here recently to protect tenants from being evicted right now, why isn't more being done to help the landlords who are struggling to pay their bills because they're not being paid?" Doocy, apparently ignorant that there are federal funds to compensate landlords for lost rental income, asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

"Well actually the landlords can benefit from exactly the same emergency rental assistance that renters can benefit from," she replied.

"Right now, as we understand it, many states are not distributing that money," Doocy said. "The Washington Post says that this measure could drive thousands of minor landlords to bankruptcy."

"Well that's exactly why," Psaki explained, "and I'm happy to have you as a partner in this effort, we are trying to advocate for states, localities to get this money out. There's no reason it's not going out to landlords, to renters, no reason that people who are eligible are not benefiting, and we've seen a number of states – red states and blue states – do this very effectively. Texas, as an example I used yesterday, Virginia is one I highlighted today. This is why we're doing as much of this outreach and engagement as we're doing."