'Just nothing': Trump-appointed US Attorney in Georgia rebuffs president's bizarre voter fraud claims — again
Donald Trump (Shutterstock.com)

In an audio recording released by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bobby Christine, the Trump-appointed acting U.S. attorney in Northern Georgia, explains just how frivolous Trump's dangerous election fraud claims are. Despite multiple recounts in various states, dozens of failed post-election lawsuits across the country and Republican lawmakers and election officials insisting that widespread voter fraud does not exist, Trump has continued to suggest otherwise.

Now, Christine is making it clear that there is "nothing" to suggest widespread voter fraud really exists. "I would love to stand out on the street corner and scream this, and I can't," said Christine.

"But I can tell you I closed the two most — I don't know, I guess you'd call them high profile or the two most pressing election issues this office has," he said. "I said I believe, as many of the people around the table believed, there's just nothing to them."

Christine also admitted that he actually expected far more election-related cases in his office. However, he was shocked to learn that was not the case.

"Quite frankly, just watching television you would assume that you got election cases stacked from the floor to the ceiling," said Christine. "I am so happy to find out that's not the case, but I didn't know coming in."