Kayleigh McEnany condemns insurrection violence 'on behalf of the entire White House' but announces support for protestors
Kayleigh McEnany (Screengrab).

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany appeared before reporters Thursday evening to condemn the violence at the nation's Capitol Wednesday, "on behalf of the entire White House," while saying the "many thousands who came to have their voices heard" were merely exercising their First Amendment rights.

"Let me be clear," she said, calling the violence "appalling, reprehensible, and antithetical to the American way. We condemn it, the President and this administration, in the strongest possible terms."

She called for "those who broke the law" to be fully prosecuted.

McEnany said the administration grieves for the loss of life, and called law enforcement officers "true American heroes."

And once again making clear the Trump regime's disdain for those living, even legally, in the U.S. who are not citizens, McEnany said the administration's "core value" is that all "citizens have the right to live in safety, peace, and freedom." She did not say "all Americans," or "all those living in America."

Her remarks lasted less than two minutes, and she did not take any questions. McEnany has not held a press briefing since December 15.

Her remarks echo the scene after President Donald Trump was forced to denounce white supremacists after saying there were "very fine people on both sides." He later said that condemnation was the "the biggest f*cking mistake I've made."