'KILL KILL KILL BLACKS': Racist graffiti scrawled inside Maryland elementary school
Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland (Screen cap via NBC 4 Washington).

Parents of children at a Maryland elementary school are shocked after racist graffiti was scrawled on a bathroom wall -- and the school apparently waited for days to let them know.

Local news station WUSA 9 reports that some students found the message "KILL KILL KILL BLACKS" written inside a bathroom late last week at the Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. One student reported the incident to their teacher, who apparently didn't inform the school's administration, which only learned about the graffiti after a member of the building service crew found it and reported it.

The school just informed parents about this graffiti on Monday, however, days after it had been quickly scrubbed away by the school's building service crew.

Some of the school's parents tell NBC Washington 4 that the school should have informed the community of the racist graffiti immediately after it was discovered, and not waited for a full weekend to tell people.

"It's disturbing," parent Sean Gowen told the local news station. "We should have known about this a lot sooner."

"It is shocking," resident Sybile Bayiha told the news station. "The teacher should have reported it and the kids should learn better."

Watch a local report about the incident below.