Reba McIntire denies she will raise money for Republican Kristi Noem
Reba McIntire on Facebook.

Country superstar Reba Mc Entire was added to a list of special guests for South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem 's (R) fundraiser. However, there is just one problem: according to McEntire she had no clue she had been invited to the event.

According to The Daily Beast, McEntire on Friday took to Twitter to offer a different side to the story. The famed singer tweet explained that she had no involvement whatsoever with the planning of the event as the governor's invitation was made without her consent.

Admitting that she does not get involved in politics, McEntire also confirmed that she will not be attending the event.

"Last night, an invitation to a political fundraiser with my name attached was sent out without my knowledge or permission. I had and have no plans to attend this event and had told the event organizers as such," McEntire wrote on Twitter. "Throughout my career, I have stated that I do not get involved in politics and that remains true today."

However, Noem's spokesman, Ian Fury, pushed back against the claims insisting he had written consent that the singer would attend the event although he insisted that "the Governor is a huge fan of Reba."

The event, which cost approximately $500 per person, is scheduled for Sunday, June 13. Noem's office has yet to respond to the latest reports.