GOP's Lauren Boebert gets trampled on Twitter after tweeting a sycophantic message about Trump

As Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on Friday continued her unwavering support of former President Donald Trump, Twitter users fired back at her with a brief history lesson. The Colorado lawmaker posted a bizarre, contradictory tweet that read, "President Trump wasn't politically correct. He was just correct."

Her remarks did not bode well with many Twitter users and they quickly weighed in with their thoughts offering Boebert a stinging reminder of the truth about Trump, according to The HuffPost. Opposing Twitter users flipped the script and fired back with countless tweets highlighting the many times Trump was incorrect during his time in office.

One Twitter user wrote, "When was he correct? He was wrong about Covid He was wrong about the election He was wrong about A LOT of things. The only good thing he did was playing golf, because that meant he wasn't ruining the country even more."

Another user also offered a breakdown of the times Trump has been wrong, including in his decision to support Boebert's election to the House of Representatives.

That user tweeted, "About what He was wrong about the tax cuts paying for theirselves Wrong about COVID Wrong about Russia Wrong about the environment wrong about immigration reform Wrong about health care Wrong about almost every appointment Did he endorse you ? If so , just another mistake."