WATCH: TV anchor calls out Lauren Boebert for not choosing 'better forum' to confront Biden
KDVR/Twitter/screen grab

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has defended her outburst during President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech by insisting that she had become overwhelmed with emotions.

On Wednesday, the lawmaker told Fox 31 anchors that she was angry because Biden's speech did not specifically mention 13 service members who were killed during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

"First of all, there were many outbursts last night," Boebert said. "So if we're talking about breaking decorum, I think that happened multiple times."

Boebert said that she became "passionate" when Biden said the words "flag-draped coffins."

"My mind went straight to the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan," she said, noting that she had spoken to one of the service members' mothers. "She told me that Joe Biden killed her son."

"Looking back at what happened last night," anchor Kirk Yuhnke wondered, "would there have been a better forum, maybe a more appropriate time to push back against the president than in the middle of the State of the Union?"

"You know, the opportunity just happened to be there," Boebert remarked. "It wasn't something that I had planned to do or expected it at any time. But really just the emotions of that experience were overwhelming and, you know, I would love to sit and talk with Joe Biden about his handling of Afghanistan."

The lawmaker speculated that she might have a chance to speak with Biden in the future because she has filed articles of impeachment against him.

Watch the video below from Fox 31.