LGBTQ organization accuses DeSantis of ‘fast-tracking’ Florida ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill to build ‘censorship and surveillance state’
Florida governor Ron DeSantis. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Equality Florida is accusing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of working to create a censorship and surveillance state through legislative means, including the widely-criticized "Don't Say Gay" bill and the less-known Stop WOKE Act.

The organization, Florida's largest LGBTQ rights group, on Monday launched a pop-up site that includes a chilling video depicting what an anti-LGBTQ surveillance state might look like in the Sunshine State's public and charter schools.

A 30-second spot shows a young student who tells her classroom, "I have two heroes, my two moms." A red light and buzzer immediately go off, the teacher urges the young girl to continue, and at the end the teacher is called to the administrator's office.

"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is committed to a legislative agenda that threatens to turn Florida into a surveillance state and give the government broad license to censor conversations about American history, the origins of racism and injustice, and the existence of LGBTQ people," Equality Florida says on its site, "Not since the days of Anita Bryant have we seen such craven attempts by a leader to build political power on the backs of LGBTQ people."