Liz Cheney's Trump-backed primary challenger gushed over her as 'a courageous conservative' at 2016 event

Harriet Hageman, the Trump-backed primary challenger to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), heaped praise on her during a campaign event in newly unearthed video obtained by CNN.

While endorsing Cheney for Congress in 2016, Hageman said Cheney was "a proven, courageous, constitutional conservative, someone who has the education, the background and experience to fight effectively for Wyoming on a national stage."

Hageman went on to describe Cheney as someone who would not back down in the face of criticism from the media or the left.

"There have been and will continue to be concerted efforts to force true conservatives to sit down and shut up," she said. "Those efforts have never worked on me and I know that they will not work on and have no effect on Liz Cheney. I am proud to introduce Liz Cheney as the next congressional representative from the great state of Wyoming."

In an email to CNN, Hageman raged that Cheney had "betrayed" her and Wyoming by voting to impeach former President Donald Trump for inciting a riot at the United States Capitol building.

"At a time when we needed all hands on deck, Liz Cheney jumped ship, dogpaddled to the other side, and is now shooting back at us," said Hageman. "When Liz Cheney voted to impeach President Trump, she betrayed Wyoming, she betrayed this country, and she betrayed me. Most of the people of Wyoming feel the same way."

Watch the video below.