Louisiana Republican files ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill after reading Twitter and Facebook, praying, and talking to her pastor
Dodie Horton (Screen Shot)

Republican state Representative Dodie Horton says she had no idea a "Don't Say Gay" bill she filed this week was even needed until she started spending time on Twitter and Facebook, and after praying.

Republicans falsely claimed Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill is misnamed, but no one can even try to say that about Rep. Horton's bill. HB 837 literally bans all discussion or instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity. It also bans LGBTQ teachers and faculty from making any reference to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

"I wasn't aware of the need [for this legislation] until I looked at some things on Twitter and Facebook," Horton told WBRZ. "It just solidified for us to protect our Louisiana children, as well."

"I started to pray about how we could protect our children here from inappropriate conversations until they are able to dissect it and old enough to understand it," Horton added. "I talked to my pastor and he challenged me and said, 'we definitely need to do this.'"

Given the religious anti-LGBTQ animus that inspired the legislation, it could be found to be unconstitutional should it become law.