‘Wingnut’ Madison Cawthorn accused of ‘anti-Catholic bigotry’ after criticizing Vatican vaccination policy

U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, Republican of North Carolina, is being criticized for anti-Catholic bias – and mocked for ignorance – after attacking the Vatican over its new rule that mandates all employees be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have a medical excuse.

"This doesn't sound legal...," Cawthorn, an avid tweeter, declared from his official congressional Twitter account in response to the news. "One shouldn't be forced against their will to be vaccinated. The vaccination is there for those who want it, and are in need of it due to medical vulnerabilities."

Cawthorn, who helped incite the January 6 insurrection, does not have any medical degree, including no degree in immunology. Nor does he have a law degree, or a degree in public health or public policy, or a degree in religious studies or religious administration.

He does, however, run a very active Twitter account. An NCRM investigation of his recent tweets shows the vast majority are attacks on Democrats and the media, with a few being announcements of legislation he is co-sponsoring. A small minority of his tweets are related to North Carolina or his constituents.

Cawthorn in recent days has attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, CNN's Chris Cuomo, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Joe Biden, Democrats in general, and green energy. And that's just his from his official congressional Twitter account, not his campaign account.

Meanwhile, as most know, the Vatican is an independent city-state, not governed by the laws on the United States or any other country.

Many took issue with his assessment, including this Catholic priest:

And others: