‘Extortion’: Marco Rubio slammed after threatening companies
Marco Rubio (Shutterstock)

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has decided to crown himself the leader of what he calls the GOP's "work of rebuilding — and rebalancing — the relationship between our nation and its large corporations" that he claims are "waging a merciless war against traditional values."

In a New York Post op-ed titled "Corporations that undermine American values don't deserve GOP support," the Florida Republican threatens American companies with increased regulation and taxes, merely for exercising their First Amendment rights, now that they no longer support the Republican Party's far-right extremism on social issues.

"No policymaker would allow a company to dump toxic waste into a river upstream of a thriving town he is charged with governing," wrote Rubio, who just five years ago said addressing climate change was "just not good public policy."

"Yet corporate America eagerly dumps woke, toxic nonsense into our culture, and it's only gotten more destructive with time. These campaigns will be met with the same strength that any other polluter should expect," he said, to tremendous push back and mockery on social media.

"Our nation needs a thriving private economy. And patriotic business leadership has historically underwritten the American Dream. But lawmakers who have been asleep at the wheel for too long, especially within my own party, need to wake up. America's laws should keep our nation's corporations firmly ordered to our national common good."

Rubio, who every morning posts a quote from the Bible, is literally threatening corporations that do not embrace Republican policies, something other GOP lawmakers have done in recent weeks after Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

He adds, "taking aggressive positions on woke cultural issues that tear at our national fabric might seem like an easy way to avoid boycotts from activists. But those of us charged with keeping America strong recognize that these positions are the greatest threat to our long-term viability," which is demonstrably false.

Writing in the New York Post instead of the Sun Sentinel strongly signals Rubio is preparing for yet another presidential run, despite promising after the last one he would never run for any political office again, including his own Senate seat. He later recanted.

Rubio's attempt to threaten companies and position himself as the nation's moral leader did not go over well.

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