Fox's Maria Bartiromo blasted for claiming Democrats 'infiltrated' Capitol wearing MAGA clothing

Fox Business news anchor Maria Bartiromo was in for a rude awakening when she attempted to blame the U.S. Capitol riots on Democrats who "infiltrated" the federal building wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) clothing.

As she discussed the reports about possible threats of right-wing violence looming over the upcoming presidential inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, she falsely that Democrats participated in the Capitol riots, according to Media Matters.

During the broadcast, Bartiromo said, "A new report says that some far-right protesters have discussed posing as members of the National Guard to infiltrate the inauguration — the way Democrats infiltrated two weeks ago and put on MAGA clothing."

Twitter users quickly fired back at Bartiromo for the baseless claim. One Twitter user also noted how right-wing media reports would differ if there was an arrest of someone who was confirmed to be a Democrat posing as a Trump supporter and stormed the Capitol. The user said, "One would think that if a single left-winger antifa whatever was caught, they would have been arrested and paraded around of Fox News and OANN. The projection has become a parody."

Many have also argued that Bartiromo's fierce support of Trump and reporting of dangerous misinformation and falsehoods now overshadows her reputation as a business reporter.

Bartiromo's wild remarks come amid the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues to make arrests in connection with the Capitol riots. As of Tuesday, Jan. 19, more than 100 people have been arrested for storming the Capitol. The vast majority of those arrested have also been reported to have ties to far-right extremist groups and self-styled militia groups.