Mom says her unvaccinated babies were flying on a Delta plane when the pilot announced masks could come off
Boeing 747 of Delta Airlines at Ben-Gurion Airport. Israel (Lerner Vadim /

A Delta Airlines pilot announced mid-flight that people could take their masks off due to the court ruling that people no longer had to wear masks. The problem one mom had, however, is that she got on the plane assuming Delta was following the mask mandate only to be faced with a plane full of unmasked people who could give COVID to her unvaccinated babies.

The COVID-19 vaccine hasn't been approved for children under five years old, leaving parents stuck trying to protect their children from a highly transmissible virus any way that they can.

"I am on a plane with my 2 not-yet-eligible for vax kids and the pilot just announced that the mask mandate has just this minute ended," tweeted Brooke Tansley. "People clapped and took off their masks. Here we are having boarded a plane with our kids. Very upset, Delta, that this was announced mid-flight. It’s the mid-flight change that is so upsetting. We now don’t have the opportunity to look at the TSA change and make a travel choice that fits with our family’s vaccination status and risk comfort level. We’re in the air."

"Here we are, trapped in the sky with our 8-month-old unmasked baby (you can’t actually mask a baby that young) under the supposition that everyone who can be masked would be masked, and the flight 325 crew has taken our choices away from us. Very very angry about this," she later said.

A JetBlue flight made the same move.

A JetBlue flight did the same thing, with one woman saying that she's a caregiver and didn't appreciate this happening with three hours to go on a flight. Unlike any other place, people can't simply jump out of a plane because an airline changes the rules in the middle of the flight.

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