Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) (Photo: Gage Skidmore)​

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, under investigation by the Dept. of Justice for the better part of a year for possibly having sex with an underaged teen and for child sex trafficking, went after the DOJ and FBI on Thursday.

In a heated on-air conversation with former Trump advisor Steve Bannon – himself under DOJ investigation for criminal contempt of congress – the pair appeared to threaten democracy.

"People didn't like that Donald Trump raised his voice but sometimes you've got to raise your voice to raise a ruckus and to raise an army of patriots who love this country and will fight for her," Gaetz told Bannon on the former Trump advisor's program. "We're going to operationalize the performance to go right after the people who are imposing the vaccine mandates, who are enriching themselves and who are selling out the country."

"Understand, this is a theory of governing," Bannon declared, calling this attack on democracy, "fresh" and "new. "

"This is Trumpism in power," Bannon blustered. "That's when we went to the 4000 shock troops we have to have that's going to man the government. Get them ready now. Right? We're going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins in 2024 -- or before."

Gaetz charged forward, saying, "we're going to go after this administrative state and we're going to start at the Department of Justice and the FBI. That's the job I want. You know, send me over to the Judiciary Committee and their sphincters will tighten because they have been doing a lot of corrupt things over there."

"The FBI and the Dept. of Justice have become the enforcement wing of the Democrat Party," Gaetz claimed.