Meghan McCain furious over Biden speech and that he will be the ‘most progressive president of my lifetime’
Meghan McCain (Screen Capture)

36 year old Meghan McCain shared with "The View" watchers on Thursday her anger that President Joe Biden "is going to be the most progressive president of my lifetime." McCain, born in 1984, has lived through seven presidents before Biden – four Republican and now four Democratic, so it's not surprising that the most recent Democratic president would be the most progressive.

But she wasn't only furious that Biden will be the most progressive president, which she said was "very disappointing to the people who had faith in him for running as a centrist," she was furious that he delivered what she called "the most progressive speech of any modern president since LBJ," referring to President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

McCain went on to complain that "the answer to every single problem in the United States of America is to write a check and bankrupt my generation in the process, and if you don't believe me because I'm conservative believe The New York Times," McCain said.

"They said, 'Biden, a lifelong centrist has moved leftward and moved the biggest expansion of American government in decades.' And he's getting praise from people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez."