Melania Trump's farewell video praised 'integrity' -- and it didn't go over well

Melania Trump is going out the way she came in: apart from her husband.

Americans may remember the First Lady did not move to the White House until the summer of 2017. Now she is leaving Americans with a farewell video, in another break from President Donald Trump. White House aides have been urging the President to record a similar video, as a way to tout his “accomplishments,” but he steadfastly refuses.

Mrs. Trump recorded a nearly seven-minute video in which she brags about her “Be Best” anti-bullying program, calling it a “great success.”

But perhaps in the most hypocritical portion of the video the First lady urges, “Do not lose sight of your integrity and values. Use every opportunity to show consideration for another person, and build good habits into our daily lives.”

She asks Americans to “always choose love over hatred, peace over violence.”

Earlier in the day the First Lady’s tweet honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. caused “birther” to trend on social media.

And just minutes after the video posted “BeGone” trended on Twitter, thanks to tweets like this:

The First Lady’s hypocrisy was quickly mocked.

Here’s how some are responding to her video: