'Shut down... by force': Michigan GOP official calls for aggressive closure of public library over LGBTQ book

A Republican Congressional district chairman in Michigan is calling for the aggressive closure of a public library over the presence of LGBTQ books, Bridge Michigan reports.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s office indicated it has opened an investigation into threats made by Shane Trejo, Michigan's 11th Congressional District Chair, against the Patmos Library in Jamestown Township, Mich.

Over the last two years, the library garnered national attention when it faced an onslaught of complaints and calls for defunding.

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Per the news outlet, the outcry stems from "a fight over graphic novels that some opponents liken to pornography or 'grooming' children to be sexually assaulted."

Now, Trejo is echoing the same claims and calling for the library to be shut down. However, he reportedly wants to do so with force.

Trejo, who resides in another city nearly 100 miles away from the library, recently took Facebook with a fiery post calling or the library to be shut down "by force."

“Time to shut down the library by force. And then perhaps charge the people writing these checks as accessories for child abuse," he wrote.

The news outlet notes: "The comments were made from a Facebook account under the name 'Sean Trujillo (also Shane).' The account identifies the owner of the account as 'chairman at Michigan’s 11th Congressional District Republican Committee.'”

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After being requested to comment, Trejo emailed a statement to the news outlet saying that the “state should shut down this library and any library that has pornography books available for kids. It should not be allowed to exist on private funding or crowdsourced funding of any kind.”

Although officials at the library refused to remove the books from their inventory, they have moved them to another location inside the building.