Moms for Liberty leader says Biden behind high-level effort to make kids LGBTQ
(Via Moms for Liberty/Facebook)

The leader of a Colorado chapter of the far-right, radical parent groupMoms for Liberty says President Joe Biden and teachers’ unions are behind a high-level coordinated effort to turn children LGBTQ.

During an extensive interview, CNN’s Elle Reeve carefully asked El Paso County, Colorado Moms for Liberty chapter chair Darcy Schoening, “So what I feel like you’re strongly implying, and I would like to get your take on because I don’t want to attribute something that you don’t think like, to me it sounds like you’re saying there’s some kind of high-level coordinated effort to make more children trans and gay.”

Before should could finish her sentence Schoening interrupted, saying, “There is.”

“Yep,” she added.

“Well who’s directing that?” Reeve asked.

“Teachers’ unions and, um, our president’s, and a lot of funding sources, and teachers’ unions are also heavily backing the curriculum that we’re bringing into school.”

Reeve asked why teachers’ unions and President Biden would want more kids be gay and trans.

Schoening didn’t waste a moment.

“Because it breaks down the family unit, which breaks down traditional conservative values, it breaks down a lot of things in this country,” Schoening replied.

Of course, conservatives do not have a monopoly on the family; indeed, an increasingly large portion of the country spent decades convincing Americans same-sex couples should have the same rights and responsibilities of marriage and family as their different-sex peers. Despite all the opposition and allegations from the right of what legalizing same-sex marriage would do to the country, none of their claims of destruction of the family unit and family values came true, and studies have provenchildren raised by same-sex parents do at least as well as children raised by different-sex parents.

“It breaks down a lot of things in this country,” Schoening continued. “It changes the way that people think, it changes the way that people, um, handle politics.”

Reeve, in a voice-over, says, “Of course, there’s no evidence of a coordinated plot to make kids trans.”

Back in the interview, Reeve tells Schoening, “When I hear those thoughts about, like, some sort of concerted effort to make people gay, does it sound like a conspiracy theory?”

“Um,” Schoening insists, “It’s not a conspiracy theory that the state – whether you’re talking about Colorado or the federal government – is taking a stronger hand in public education, in raising our kids.”

She says it’s a “mischaracterization” that she thinks “people want everyone to be gay.”

“The people that want to erode away at parental rights, the left, the teachers’ unions, they’ll use LGBTQ or whatever may be the case at the time – those are just tools to erode away at parental rights.”