MSNBC host 'stunned' as Brad Raffensperger refuses to say he won’t vote for Trump in 2024
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Like Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is among the conservative right-wing Republicans who has become persona non grata with the MAGA crowd for acknowledging that President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump fair and square in the 2020 election and that widespread voter fraud did not occur. But as vehemently as far-right MAGA Republicans detest Raffensperger — and even though some of them have threatened violence against his family — he would not rule out the possibility of voting for Trump in 2024 when progressive firebrand Mehdi Hasan interviewed him on MSNBC recently.

Hasan, who isn't one to shy away from asking tough questions, asked Raffensperger if he would vote for Trump in 2024 should he be the next GOP presidential nominee. Raffensperger gave an evasive response, saying, "That is so far out in the future. There are so many people who are going to throw their hat in the ring, and I think we'll have a robust debate. And I believe we will have someone who will stand on character and have the moral compass to lead this nation. And if we don't, we'll probably be out in the wilderness, at least until 2028."

But Hasan doubled down on his question, telling Georgia's secretary of state, "You've done a masterful job of avoiding a lot of my questions. So, I'm going to ask it again. If Donald Trump is the candidate…. are you going to vote for this guy?"

Raffensperger responded, "That's so far in the future. I haven't even thought about that. I've gotta get reelected next year." And Hasan told him, "You're not ruling it out, which is astonishing to me. This is a guy who incited violence against you and your family, and you're considering maybe voting for him. You're not saying tonight: No way am I ever voting for that guy."