Newsmax host freaks out over Lucky Charms ‘gay leprechaun’
Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield (Screen Grab)

Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield had a homophobic Tuesday night freak out over kids' breakfast cereals.

After being strongly criticized two weeks ago for disgusting antisemitic remarks, Stinchfield is back to attack the LGBTQ community with a segment on "woke" cereal and "gayness."

Kellog's last month announced a special LGBTQ Pride month cereal called Together With Pride, a collaboration with the folks at GLAAD that Stinchfield says is "forcing our kids to be confused about their gender first thing in the morning."

"Come on man," the Newsmax host cried, blasting Together With Pride. "The cereal is Rainbow hearts, covered in edible glitter. How nice. Give me a break. Here's the worst part, the cereal slogan, 'too amazing to put into a box,' and then lists a space for kids to write in their own pronouns."

All that was too much for the Newsmax host, who decided it was time to also go after Lucky Charms for its "prancing" "gay leprechaun."

"Anyway, isn't Kellogg's a little late to this woke game by the way? General Mills has, I think General Mills has a gay leprechaun, right? Well, my producer Carly asked me, 'is that leprechaun really gay?' I said I don't know, maybe: he wears high heeled shoes, prances around in tights, leads me to believe, probably, that little Lucky Charm leprechaun might be gay."

Stinchfield then tried to claim his own version of wokeness,

"But here's the thing. For those of you that want to vilify me for those comments right, right there, aren't you just as offended by the flamboyant rainbow hearts and glitter as a symbol of gayness? See, there are two standards here. Nothing like forcing our kids to be confused about their gender first thing in the morning with their breakfast."

Stinchfield's overriding "thing" is that being gay, or LGBTQ, is bad. An allegedly gay leprechaun is bad. Being open to rainbow hearts and glitter is bad. It's all "gayness."

His solution for this "confusion"?

"Switch your kids to granola. It's healthier anyway. You cut the sugar, okay, and then you don't have to buy products from woke companies."

Boy, have I got news for him.