‘Onesie-twosies’: DeSantis declares Florida not seeing ‘mass’ migration in defense for going to Texas for immigrants
Florida governor Ron DeSantis. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Criticizing "Biden" for "flying these people all over the fruited plain," Republican Governor Ron DeSantis defended his scheme to go into Texas to take asylum-seeking immigrants, round them up, and send them to Martha's Vineyard by stating there is not "mass" migration into Florida.

DeSantis, facing a tight re-election battle against Democratic former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, is under fire from the left and the right for what some legal experts say may be a kidnapping or human trafficking operation. One Texas sheriff has already announced he is opening an investigation into the DeSantis escapade, several Massachusetts attorneys are looking at suing DeSantis, and the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney is talking with DOJ about possible legal action as well.

"The problem is is we're not seeing mass movements of them into Florida so you end up with a car of maybe two, and if you know that that's illegal and there's someone that's kind of smuggling then committing crimes then you can do arrests," DeSantis told reporters at a news conference Tuesday. "There have been drug seizures. "

"That's not effective enough to stop the mass migrations. They're just coming in onesie-twosies."

"We've had people on the border, we've done a lot of intelligence, Everyone down there will say, between a third and forty percent of the people coming across are seeking to end up in Florida."

DeSantis also suggested his administration is profiling people "at the source," meaning Texas, and "divert" to "sanctuary jurisdictions"

Attorney, MSNBC legal analyst and host Katie Zhang asked, "So DeSantis is preemptively—without any just cause or without being based upon any reasonable or reliable information—just kidnapping asylum-seekers and transporting them across state lines to dump them in another city?"

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