‘Only janitor they had’: Fox News trashed after Chris Wallace abruptly announces he is out
Fox News personality Chris Wallace (screengrab).

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace announced on-air he's leaving the conservative cable channel after 18 years. The news came abruptly – MSNBC's Brian Williams' exit was announced a month in advance.

The Daily Beast reports the "Fox News Sunday moderator shockingly announced that this week’s episode of the political talk show would be his last, telling viewers it was with 'real sadness' that he was departing both the Sunday series and network."

Wallace isn't retiring, however, he "is exiting to 'try something new.' A source told The Daily Beast that new gig is with CNN’s streaming service."

Wallace is seen by many as the only legitimate journalist the far right wing network had left. Unlike most of the others, Wallace often challenged Republicans on their own lies.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple noted that Wallace "and Bret Baier had recently objected to the Tucker Carlson documentary 'Patriot Purge.'"

On social media reaction was quick.