Paul Ryan ruffles MAGA feathers with brutal 2024 prediction
Paul Ryan (Gage Skidmore)

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) on Thursday explained why he is not optimistic about former President Donald Trump clinching the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

During an interview with the advisory firm, Teneo, the former lawmaker insisted that Trump's "unelectability" will likely be the cause of his campaign falling short in 2024.

“I think Trump’s unelectability will be palpable by then,” Ryan said. “We all know that he will lose. We all know that he is so much more likely to lose the White House than anybody else running for president on our side of the aisle, so why would we want to go with that?”

He went on to share his take on the possible strategy Trump may opt for — one he believes will ultimately fall flat. “The only reason he stays where he is is because everybody’s afraid of him,” Ryan said. “They’re afraid of him going after them, hurting their own ambition. But as soon as you sort of get the herd mentality going, it’s unstoppable.”

“Whether he runs or not, I don’t really know if it matters,” Ryan added. “He’s not going to be the nominee, I don’t think.”

Ryan's latest remarks come several months after he faced scrutiny for criticizing Republicans that didn't have the “guts” to vote in favor of Trump's impeachment. As a result of his remarks, Trump fired back and labeled him a “pathetic loser.